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Mail Order available | Fringes Available in all Colours and Styles
086 3899026  090 6475462  hanleyursula@gmail.com
Mail Order available | Fringes Available in all Colours and Styles
086 3899026  090 6475462  hanleyursula@gmail.com
Mail Order available
Fringes Available in all Colours and Styles

The History of Headwear

This is the tale of three sisters - with a happy ending! I am the youngest sister, Ursula. 

headwear-samplesSheelagh, the eldest, found a lump on her breast. Whilst we knew many women who had endured the horror of breast cancer it was quite shocking when it suddenly came to our own door!

Shortly after her mastectomy, Jean, in the middle and I, accompanied Sheelagh to a Wig Clinic. With a head full of healthy hair the wig looked wonderful on Sheelagh. We even joked about all of us buying one - for a bad hair day!

However after her Chemotherapy we made no more jokes - for Sheelagh was very sick, very tired and very bald. Chemo induced hair loss is more traumatic for some women with breast cancer than the loss of a breast.

The expensive wig lay mainly unused. It was too heavy, she said, too warm and too much! Her bare head, visible to all, and especially herself, did nothing to raise her weary spirit. She also felt the need to protect her children from possible trauma associated with hair loss.

She bought some head scarves, but found these loose and insecure. With no hair to hold them in place they required constant fixing. Some looked like bonnets - straight out of Little House on the Prairie!

 We watched glamorous Samantha, on Sex and the City, who also developed breast cancer. She too lost her beautiful hair. However gorgeous Samantha did not allow this effect her social life. The three of us watched her dine and wine in the best of style with wonderful headwear - beautiful  wigs, scarves and turbans in marvellous materials and colours.

I, a seamstress with an eye to fashion, was inspired! Sitting down immediately, I designed similar glamorous bandanas and turbans - suitable for those with total hair loss. I made them from Burberry material, denim and cotton in fashionable colours.

Sheelagh loved them and wore all the styles - giving her a much needed lift. They were ultra secure, modern and so comfortable! And they gave total head coverage. I even designed soft secure nightcaps - for bed wear, as Sheelagh often complained of having a cold head at night!

My headwear is still in great demand. Women, at a low ebb in their life, love them - mainly because they fit so well, are secure and very fashionable. They are a most pleasant alternative to a wig. Life goes on for those going showroomthrough Chemotherapy - social events must be attended, family occasions, eating out etc. etc. These especially designed turbans, bandanas and scarves benefit them greatly - allowing them to feel glamorous as well as comfortable.

And the happy ending - I'm delighted to say that Sheelagh is now fully recovered from Cancer.

You are welcome to visit my showroom or e-mail me at hanleyursula@gmail.com. My address is 37 Beechpark, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Ireland. Phone 086-3899026 or 090-6475462. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.





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